FlexPro boosters improve indoor cellular coverage for voice and text signals, covering areas of 500 sq. ft. up to 4,000 (or more using upgraded kitting). FlexPro signal boosters make a flexible and affordable solution – working with all major U.S. carriers to reduce dropped and missed calls and extend battery life for mobile devices inside your home or office.

Outdoor signal strength (dB) 1-2 Bars (-85 to -95)
3-4 Bars (-75 to -84)
5 Bars (-65 to -74)
Estimated coverage (sq. ft.) FlexPro Omni/Whip Kit
500 1000 2000
Estimated coverage (sq. ft.) FlexPro Yagi/Whip Kit
1000 2000 4000

SureCall FlexPro Kit 1 - 2 Rooms of Coverage