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Apartments & Multi-Family

 Attracting and retaining tenants in your building means giving them a secure abode with the amenities they rely on. Cell signal boosters amplify weak or blocked signals and bring them indoors, even within a multi-resident complex, so that all units have coverage.

Access into an apartment complex, or an assisted living facility are usually dependent on visitors ringing the residents cell phone, and being allowed in through the access gate, or through an access door. Without cell coverage in your unit/building, your visitors will not be able to gain access. ​​

Property managers and realtors must meet the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy society, both for their tenants’ comfort and their safety. Boosters use antennas to improve reception on all carriers so that tenants get better coverage, enhanced call quality, and faster data transfers.


In educational environments, faculty and students rely upon secure wireless data and mobile coverage in order to teach, learn, and grow together. Accessing a strong indoor signal can be difficult depending on campus size and location, building infrastructure, and district budgets. What’s more, many hundreds of students and teachers can easily overload a weak network.


Strong reception can help keep all students, faculty, staff, and prospective students connected and safe across a wide campus, while also promoting improved access to digital resources and campus-wide learning applications.


Cell signal boosters offer affordable solutions for improving cellular reception in educational environments. Better reception over multiple classrooms or buildings creates efficient communication, faster data transfers, and easier interaction between students and teachers. Historic campuses can retain their identities, and campus security becomes more reliable.


Reliable cellular connections can help healthcare facilities transition to a digital platform, streamline communications on and off campus, and maintain a high level of security throughout.


An improved cell signal can also prevent long wait times by speeding up patient check-ins, diagnoses, and test results for improved patient engagement without ever compromising patient confidentiality. And better reception promotes easier communication with friends and family.


Cell signal boosters can amplify reception in older buildings and across large campuses — from patient suites, to waiting areas, to operating rooms. Improving the cellular network can speed up access to patient data and increase efficiency when it comes to confidential communication among healthcare professionals. At the heart of it all, a strong cellular network is about providing a better patient experience.


Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and product processing facilities rely on digital technology and network connections to power their operations from monitoring inventory, to communications with engineers and sales agents, to overall safety management.

However, expansive square footage and thick concrete walls can impede cell signals from reaching inside, and lack of connectivity can adversely impact all operations.


Security systems or safety mechanisms that connect with cellular networks are more reliable, and purchasing or inventory applications that rely on strong reception are more dependable.

Cell signal boosters can take an existing signal, amplify it, and broadcast it inside a building, even a building as large as a warehouse or manufacturing plant.

A strong signal will ensure that systems work as needed throughout the plant, keeping staff connected while monitoring safety procedures, fulfilling incoming orders, and staying on top of daily operations.

Commercial and Enterprise Buildings

Cell signal boosters broadcast stronger signals within all types of buildings. Improved cell reception enhances voice quality and clarity for better results when it comes to time-sensitive mobile communications.


Cell signal boosters amplify reception even in the most secure buildings and on the most secure networks.


This gives any commercial facility confidence that their transmissions will be protected against interference or compromise, while allowing cell coverage throughout the building.

Eliminate dropped & missed calls and increase voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all mobile devices inside your office.