We specialize in indoor cell coverage solutions for all cellular carriers. 

Since 2007 NT has provided technology and communication solutions, in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. With years of experience in telecommunications and IT consulting services, we create solutions to help businesses leverage technology to their advantage.  By providing cell phone boosters, cell signal amplifiers, and DAS solutions we are able to solve indoor cell coverage problems for enterprises, residential and mobile units for all of the cellular carriers.

NT consulting is comprised of initiatives and strategies that allow you ways to better communicate through cloud, and on-site business, wireless, and cellular technologies.

Our Services

Site Survey and Design

When creating the design, we will conduct a site survey that consist of a site walk to evaluate building materials used, and measure existing indoor/outdoor coverage by performing cellular signal testing.

The survey will include documenting the areas of concern, by locating the poor coverage areas. A thorough analysis will be conducted to review floor plans, and determine areas for placement of broadcast and coverage units based on your specific needs.


A design package which consist of cellular repeater locations, antenna placement, design drawings, and cable paths will be provided as part of the project deliverables.

Professional Installation

Our installation team is trained and certified on multiple DAS, and In-building cellular repeater systems.


Based on the design created from the site survey, a certified installer will deploy your new system for maximum indoor coverage.

They are trained to locate your strongest outdoor signal, install the external antennas, run cable and optimize your indoor antennas to increase your signal strength throughout your building.

Maintenance and Monitoring

NT offers different maintenance, and monitoring options that will ensure your system continues to performs at its full potential. Remote access, and management are also available with different solutions.


We look forward to helping your business address the lost productivity from dropped calls and poor call quality.

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